AutoCount ViteReport

Built for AutoCount Accounting

AutoCount Accounting and ViteReport a powerful combination

ViteReport provides real time integration between AutoCount Accounting system and Microsoft Office Excel system. ViteReport is a highly innovative solution that allows your employees easily build their own sophisticated report and queries.

ViteReport improves productivity and promotes collaboration by delivering improved access and visibility to business information through the Microsoft Office Excel system.

Revolutionize the way you access your AutoCount data

Design, build, and share real-time reports in Excel

By providing access to live data from AutoCount Accounting system, ViteReport enables users to create powerful reports and presentations without leaving Excel. These reports simplify complex information that would normally be scattered throughout multiple sources, and save valuable time and resources by eliminating cumbersome re-keying or downloading of data.

Examples of reports which you can create yourself:

  • Balance sheet or P&L per period, per business or consolidated
  • Outstanding customer transaction, per customer or customer group
  • Product turnover data, per article or article group
  • Customer letter in Word including information from AutoCount, e.g. about the current customer balance
  • Financial PowerPoint presentation including up-to-date AutoCount information
  • Various import scripts; article master data, addresses, financial journals etc.

Fully Integrated with AutoCount Accounting

Seamlessly integrated with AutoCount accounting systems. Enables you to create powerful reports in Excel using real-time data from your AutoCount Accounting system.

Using the user-friendly ViteReport interface, you can access all tables from AutoCount , while you can also link your own tailor-made customized tables in AutoCount to ViteReport.

6 Reasons To Choose VITEREPORT

Plug and play
Build more powerful reports in the familiarity of Excel within minutes. Bring data together from different areas of AutoCount into presentation quality reports suitable for Microsoft Office 365.
Refresh on demand
Refresh one or more ViteReport workbooks in the background and continue using Excel. Save the Excel document as template and have up-to-date data when you need them, or refresh on the fly.
Seamlessly blend business data
ViteReport is completely integrated with the Office environment. Use ViteReport to retrieve live data from AutoCount Accounting system in any Excel document.
Drill down function
ViteReport allows users to gain a deeper understanding of reports by offering additional lookup and drill-down features. Get better insight into what’s driving the numbers that matter most to your business, and always make the right call when it counts.
Save time using templates
Frequently used report definitions can be saved and reused later, saving hours of manual processes. ViteReport also comes with numerous sample templates such as balance sheet, P&L per business or consolidated financial reports.
Trustworthy Security
ViteReport uses access rights and business logic in AutoCount to ensure the right information is available to the right individuals.

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