Light-weight Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

ARClite start your digitalization journey with arc.lite

A powerful tool for SMEs to digitally monitor, control and optimize their production operations from day one at zero cost.

Real-Time Visibility

Growing demand to provide customers with automated, real-time updates on order progress.

Product Traceability

Increased pressure for materials to meet stricter quality, environmental, and regulatory standards.

Hyper Personalization

Consumer trend towards personalized, small batch products.

A simple, intuitive solution at zero cost

Arcstone’s arc.lite FREE Light-Weight Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is designed specifically to give SME manufacturers a head start on manufacturing digitization by streamlining the heavy manual-based production processes to the fully automated ones at zero cost

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Thanks to its intuitive, plug-and-play nature, the solution enables 1-day installation that allows manufacturers to significantly reduces time spent on deployment to rapidly optimize productivity and product traceability.

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Workflow Builder
Production Scheduler
Workstation Control
Inventory Management
Equipment Monitoring
Personnel Management

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